Lower Extremity Product Selection Guidelines for Children with Neuromuscular Disorders

This workshop will investigate lower extremity orthotic management for children with neuromuscular involvement.  The course will help to develop clinic protocols for product selection based on clinical evidence and a review of the current literature.

  • Analyze gait and differentiate between the variety of causes, including identification of multi-system and single system strengths and impairments
  • Differentiate the phases of gait and understand the dynamic and mechanical elements of gait
  • Relate critical movement components to the development of pre-gait and gait skills
  • Explain and prioritize a minimum of the top 4 components needed for development of a focused treatment plan designed to improve function in a given child
  • Defend treatment ideas with evidence

Please review the following documents before taking exam:

Pediatric AFO Brochure

Product Selection Guide


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